How It's Made

Quality  &  Craftsmanship are at the heart of everything that Wade + Willow stands for.
Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted, created

by using a combination of traditional metalsmith techniques and the ancient technique of lost wax casting, and finished to the highest standards.

Wade + Willow is confident in the ability to deliver a sustainable line of jewelry, that highlights art and culture. Wade + Willow’s impeccable craftsmanship represents an expansion of personal luxury, not only as an adornment, but as a life style distinction.


The Art Of Lost Wax

Follow along to see more behind the scenes in creating  each piece of Wade + Willow Jewelry.

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Lost Wax Casting is an ancient jewelry and sculptural process that dates back to 3700 BC.  It starts with a hand carved wax design or mold that is then placed in a casting flask. Casting investment (which is kind of like a plaster) is then poured into the flask, creating a perfect mold of the wax creation. Once the casting investment has cured, it is then placed into a kiln to burn out the wax leaving a perfect, hollow mold where the metal will eventually flow. The process is called Lost Wax beccause the wax is always "lost" during the process. Once the tempeture of the mold in the kiln is hot enough I then place it into my centrifugal  mechine and begin to melt the metal ( gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper). When casting, I work with tempetures up to 2000°F. The metal has to be hot enough to turn into liquid, so that when the piece is cast, the centrifugal force will thrust the molten metal into the investment mold. This allows the metal to form perfectly into the cavity where the wax creation used to be.

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