Meet The Maker


 Just outside of Los Angeles, nestled up against the Sierra Pelona Mountains,

in an area called the Enchanted Hills, you’ll find jewelry designer and

metalsmith, Kiara Boughner of Wade + Willow Jewelry.

Growing up, Kiara Boughner was fortunate to live in a very creative home.
From an early age, her father, who worked in the special effects industry, would set her up in the studio with tools and materials and encourage her to create. When her father wasn’t creating movie magic, he was planning the next rockhounding adventure. He instilled in Kiara an undeniable passion for the earths treasures and the freedom to create.

In an industry that is built on mass produced and commonplace designs, Kiara Boughner combines her metalsmithing skills and original style to create one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces designed to be handed down through generations.  A full-time, female entrepreneur, Kiara's artistic eye finds rare and unique stones & frames each hand chosen piece using earth’s precious metals to create jewelry that speaks volumes in elegance and individuality. But she does not take earth's treasures for granted. All of her stones are ethically sourced, if not sourced by Kiara hersef, and she is committed to recycling all the metal she uses. Which makes Wade + Willow a fully ethical and sustainable brand. 

Kiara's jewelry clearly represents a collaboration between her own intuitive

design and her love for mother earth.

Kiara's designs have been widely recognized for their intricate artistry.  Her work was worn by Dulcé Sloan at the 2019 Emmy's and on Lights Out with David Spade and featured in Billboard. She has been interviewed and published in articles by the high fashion luxury brand 11 Honoré and LA artists elite magazine, LA Voyage.



As Wade + Willow continues to lead the way in custom, wearable art

Each piece of  Wade + Willow is forged by using a combination of traditional metalsmith techniques, and the ancient techniques of lost wax casting, to create a piece that embodies the unique and rareness of you.
Here at Wade + Willow, we are committed to delivering an ethical
 and sustainable line of fine jewelry and sculptures, that highlights
different inspirations from art, culture, and history across the globe.
Wade + Willow’s craftsmanship and attention to detail represents an expansionof personal luxury, not only as an adornment, but as a life style distinction.
With your support of this purchase, you continue to allow the magic that is Wade + Willow
to be conjured, and for that, you have all my love and appreciation, thank you!

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